January 25, 2021

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SDB Chairperson Samadanie Kiriwandeniya Retires

SANASA Development Bank PLC Chairperson Ms. Samadanie Kiriwandeniya retired from the Board of Directors of SANASA Development Bank PLC with effect from 22nd May 2020 on completion of Nine (09) years according to the Corporate Governance Regulations of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

Lakshman Abeysekera, who served as a senior director and the head of the board audit committee, has been appointed the new Chairman

Once giving an interview to a Sri Lankan National Papers Ms. Kiriwandeniya said  “There were five girls in the family. Who is going to take after and follow father’s footsteps was always a question. From very young days, the social movement fascinated me. I read extensively about revolutions. I loved to go around the country and always believed that the local community has the strength to do revolutionary things. So I took up the challenge of creating innovations through Sanasa bank to direct funds and deliver proper products to uplift the lives of the rural community,” Kiriwandeniya said.

Samadanie Kiriwandeniya was appointed the Chairperson of the Sanasa Development Bank (SDBL) in 2011 thus becoming the youngest Chairperson in the banking industry. She is also a Corporate Leader of the Sanasa Corporative Group. She holds senior management experience in the fields of participatory development, gender issues management, microfinance and conflict resolution.. Kiriwandeniya has obtained her basic degree in Sociology and continued with a Master’s Degree in the same field at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.